About Our Company

We specialise in Finance & Banking. We are a one stop shop for all your Financial requirements across all Banks and Financial Institutions in India.

We provide PAN India services, through our Branches in Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Goa, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Kochi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune. We strive to provide Clients Hassle-free, Convenient, Fast PAN India, financial platform which gives you door-step services.

All you need to do is to tell us your financial requirements and our Advisers will provide you with various options across Banks and Financial Institutions, all under one umbrella, best deals, ensured quality services, confidentiality, with respect to your Financial requirements.

  • How to Refer?
  • What are the Benefits?
  • Who can participate?
  • How can we support?
  • FAQ
How to Refer
Just follow the following process:
  1. Register your-self: If you do not want to register your name, you can use the details of your Spouse or Mother or Father.
  2. Upload 1st Lead: Scan your database of Friends, Family or Clients or check your PhoneBook for contacts, and provide us their Name and Number (and email ID - if possible) and the product or service they will be interested in. (You can also upload a Doc or an XL file of your Database)
  3. Check Status in Dashboard: The Dashboard will show the status of the Referral that you have uploaded. Our Team will regularly update the status on Conversion or Decline or Stage of Discussion.
  4. Redeem Points: Check you points earned for any conversions and you can request your suitable redemptions against points earned.
If you're referring for the first time:
Click on 'Refer Now' and provide your personal details and references. Select the product you wish to refer and add details of your friends, family and clients.

You can also provide us the information in any of the following ways:

  • Cut, Copy and Paste : You can Cut, Copy and Paste the relavent information and we will do the rest.
  • Upload : You can upload a Doc, XL, PDF or CSV File with the information
  • eMail : Import your eMail contacts, or upload a CSV file with their information.
  • or just send us an email in this XL format. (Download Excel Format)

For every converted Referral, YOU will earn goodies upto 90% of the revenue earned, which is by far the highest ever.

These goodies will be either paid in Cheque or in Vouchers. You can check the options and gifts from the Redemption Catalogue.

You also have the opportunity to win prizes like Overseas Vacations, Mobile Phones, Gold and Silver Coins and many more which will be based on quality and quantity of referrals and conversions during the year or the Contest period.

Moreover, if your Client refers another Client, then also you will be able to earn from that. Hence, your Referrals are a life-long source of secondary income for you.

We are looking at you as a long term Buddy/Partner in our Organisation where we all will mutually benefit.

Each one of us, has Friends, Relatives, Clients who have Product or Service requirements, like a Loan or Purchasing a Car among others.

Referring them to us, will help all the people involved:

Client's Benefits: He will get the most researched and best deal (with a corporate and bulk discount) since it is done through us.

Your Benefits: You would have helped your Friend or Client to meet the requirement in the most economical and professional manner. For every conversion you can get Goodies and even an International Vacation. Moreover, this will act as a Second Income for you, as if your Client purchases anything through us, you will get the benefit and credit life long.

Our Benefits: We will be benefited by increasing our Client Base by having both of you on board with us.

You must be having Clients, who have requirements but you donot provide that particular Service/Product. Refer this to us and both of us will benefit.

We will ONLY approach the Clients for the Product/Service you have referred for.

If you are working in any organisation and dealing with a specific product, you just need to let us know and we will not even speak or go near that product during our discussions.

However, if you want us NOT to speak on specific Products and Services then you need to inform us (as "Special Instruction") and we will abide by it, religiously.

  • Home Loan
  • Land Loan
  • Car Loan
  • Personal Loan
  • CC/OD
  • Term/Project Loan
  • Bill Discounting
  • Loan against Shares
  • Gold Loan
  • All other Loans

You and your referral information are completely confidential with us. We donot share the data provided by you with anyone. For that matter, even your personal details are also absolutely safe with us.

We appreciate and understand the requirement of confidentiality of information and documents.

Yes. Yes. Yes.

If you refer more Buddies/Partners to us, then you will get a commission for all the business sourced by that Buddy/Partner (Like in a MLM - Chain Marketing), however you will get this only for 2 Levels.

Eg: If you refer A and A refers B and B refers C. You will get credit for business sourced by both A and B. But not C. Hence 2 levels of benefits.

Moreover, if your Clients refer other Clients you will get credit for that too.

A double bonanza.

Do you need a Residual 2nd Income?

Warren Buffet has said, "Never depend on Single Income".

Since we all have residual expenses, it is no harm to have Residual 2nd Income which can take care of your annual knick knacks and gifts and even holidays. This can be done by investing just 5-10 mins a month.

You can become a Buddy/Partner even if you are employed in any organisation. This is NO formal or informal employment.

If you are working in any organisation, or providing any Service, you need to refer Clients to us for products/services that you DONOT provide.


  • If you are Selling Cars, you can refer us Clients for Loans.
  • If you are an Insurance Agent you can refer us Clients for Non-Insurance Products.
  • If you are a CA/Lawyer/Professional, we can assist your Clients for any service that you donot provide.
  • If you are a Banker/IFA/Broker then you can refer Clients for products that your organisation does not provide or for requirements that your Organisation cannot service.

Hence, you will be able to fullfil requirements of your referrals that you would otherwise not cater to and we will want referrals for opportunities that your organisation or you cannot fulfil.

If you have a good Circle of Family, Friends and Clients you can become a successful Buddy/Partner.

What are the Benefits
  • The benefits will be awesome rewards and goddies, right from Direct Cheques to Tickets to awesome overseas locations.
  • It all depends on the quantum of transaction done by your referral and the type of products and services.
  • Rewards can be upto 100% of the value of incentives depending on the product and services.
  • You can also nominate a Family or Friend to take the benefits. Hence fully transferable.
  • Awesome Holidays
  • Direct Transfer
  • Vouchers
Who all can participate?

It just takes 5-10 mins per week/month.

It is that simple.

Hence each and every one can become a Buddy with us. You can be a Professional or an Employee of an Organisation. It does not matter.

A few examples are:
  • Lawyers
  • CA/CS
  • IT Employees
  • Government Employees
  • Insurance Agents
  • Bankers
  • Housewife
  • Retired People
  • People with Good Connects
  • Anyone for that matter
How can we support you?
  • Once we receive the referral from you, we will continously update you on the progress.
  • In case of any hitches you will be the first to know and once the transaction is through, you will promptly receive the rewards.
  • You may be eligible for few complimentary services from us depending on yur Referral history.
  • We can also hold a Presentation or a Training Session on any Advisory for your group of Connects.
  • We can provide you Training and Advisory how to increase your Business.
  • If you want any specific assistance, we are there with you and we will do our very best to support you.

What is the MIB Buddy Referral Programme?
The MIB Buddy Referral programme serves as a platform through which you can refer multiple products/services/solutions to your Family, Friends and Clients. You can also view the status of your referrals and related rewards through your account online.

Do I need to be an MIB customer to make referrals?
No, the referral programme is open to anyone who wishes to recommend our products/services/solutions.

Are there any charge for registration?
No, there are no charges for registration on the referral program.

How do I register and refer my friends?
To register, please click on the 'Register Now' tab at the top of this page. You will need to give us your details like name, email id and mobile number, and will be able to login to the system with the help of your mobile number. You can refer your friends and family using your Facebook/Email accounts.

Can I refer all the products to my Friends/Family/Clients?
Yes. You can refer all the products, services and solutions for which there is a referral programme active and running at the time of referral.

When do I get my rewards for the referrals?
Each referral programme and product has different stages at which it rewards the referrer and/or the referred person.

What kind of rewards can I get by referring my friends?
Each referral programme has different rewards in the form of gift vouchers, dicount coupons, etc. for the referrer and/or the referred person.

What happens if my friends/family do not use the product/service I referred them for?
If the person you referred does not use the product, you would only be eligible for the rewards applicable for referring a person, if any. Rewards vary across the different product referral programme, please refer to the information given about each referral programme for further details.

What happens if my friend signs up for the product without using my referral?
If your friend signs up for the product without using your referral, you would not be eligible for any referral rewards.

If a person is referred by 2 people, who gets the credit?
If a person is referred by more than 1 referrer, the credit would go to the person whose referral link is used by the referred person at the time of signing up for the product.

Can I refer my friends via Facebook and email only?
You can refer your Friends, Family and Clients through any Channel that you feel suitable and we will keep a track of progress and keep you updated. Yes, currently you can refer your friends via these two channels only. My Account

How do I login to the referral program?
You can login to your account at the Referral Program with the help of your mobile number, and email ID used at the time of logging in.

How secure are my personal details?
Your personal details are secure with us and will not be shared with anyone.

How do I login if I change my mobile number?
Please click on the 'Refer Now' tab at the top of this page, and then click the 'Change Mobile Number' link. Your entire referral history would be carried forward to the new number.

If someone finds out my mobile number, can they access my account?
No, your mobile number is only one part of the login process. They will require other details to login.

What if I do not get an OTP when I enter my mobile number?
There might be connectivity issues or a temporary bug in the system. Please try again after some time. In case you are still not able to login, please contact us.

Can I create 2 referral accounts with the same mobile number?
No, you can have only one referral account against a mobile number.

Where can I view the status of all my referrals?
After logging in, you can visit the 'Dashboard' section to view the status of your referrals.

Are the status of my referrals updated on a real-time basis?
The details of persons you refer are updated instantly. However, the status of whether the referrers are converted as customers would be updated after the process is completed.

Where can I view the referral rewards I have won?
You can view your referral rewards in the 'Dashboard' section, after you log in.

Can I import emails from any email provider apart from Gmail?
No, currently you can only import email ids from Gmail. If you do not have a Gmail account, you can manually add (or copy and paste) the email ids of the persons you wish to add to the address book in your referral account.

How do I refer people whose email addresses are not in my address book?
You can manually add the email ids of the persons you wish to add to the address book in your referral account, and refer them. You can aslo provide us the other contact details and we will be able to connect with them.

Can I change the Gmail id linked to my referral account?
When you link your id for the first time or if there is a Gmail id already logged-in when you try to link your accounts, you would be given opportunity to change the Gmail id before you make any referrals. Once you import addresses from your Gmail id, you cannot change the Gmail id.

I recently added a friend to my Gmail address book, but his/her name is not displayed in my Gmail list. What do I do?
Please click on the 'Refresh' link present above the Gmail address book in your referral account, to refresh the same.

I already referred a product to a friend a few days ago. Can I remind him about the referral?
Currently you cannot remind a friend using our system.

I want to refer multiple products to a friend but the system is not allowing me to do so. Why?
You can refer only two products to a friend on any day. Please come back to refer more products.